Trouble with armv7 support

Rigelian supports iOS 10 and above, meaning it can run on some 32-bit devices (iPhone 5 & 5c, iPad 4th generation). For that in the build settings you need to target both armv7 and arm64. Unfortunately with the default build settings, the app will crash on these older devices if loaded through the AppStore.

When building and deploying the app manually to an iPhone 5c, it runs fine, both the debug and release build. But a .ipa created by building an archive and then exporting this for ad-hoc deployment with bitcode generation like it is done for the AppStore, will crash on start-up.

Some googling pointed in the direction of dead code stripping as the cause of this. And indeed, after setting that build flag to ‘No’, the resulting build will indeed run properly on the iPhone 5c.

So that’s a solution for now, but sooner or later I’m gonna have to drop support for iOS 10 & 11 to keep the development manageable.