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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the minimum requirements to use Tunica?

To use Tunica, you need an iPhone running iOS 15.0 or higher. Earlier versions of iOS are not supported, because of the dependency on MusicKit which is introduced in iOS 15.

Can the text recognition be improved?

The first version of Tunica does very basic text recognition. Further improvements may be released in the future, depending on how popular the app is.

Can Tunica recognize album covers?

No, but that would be a really cool feature that will be investigated in the future.

Is Tunica free?


Does Tunica collect any (personal) data?


Will there be an Android version of Tunica?


Why is Tunica called Tunica?

I came up with the name 3 days ago and already forgot why or what.

What is Rigelian?

Rigelian is one of my other apps, to control certain network based music players.