Welcome to Rigelian

Do you want to enjoy your mpd or kodi music library using a fluent and modern controller on your iPhone, iPad or Mac? Then Rigelian is for you.

Fully up-to-date with the latest developments in iOS and MacOS, Rigelian lets you browse through your music library quickly so you’ll be listening to your favorite tunes in seconds.

Player control

Basic controls are always available, while the now-playing screen gives access to all control functions. On the Mac short-cut keys are available for the most used actions.


Rigelian support fast browsing by artist, album, genre, folder, composer and performer. The artist view includes an artist biography (powered by last.fm) as well as a list of similar artists in your library.

The album view includes a list of other albums by the artist.

Live filtering limits the list of artists or albums as you type.


Like browsing, search is super-fast showing results as you type.

Adding music

There are different ways to add music to your playqueue. The default is ‘replace’, which will replace the contents of the playqueue with the music you selected. Other options are available via a long-press / right-click context menu: add-next, add-next-and-play or add-at-end. You can also change the default in case you like to keep your playlist intact.

Plus, on iOS you can use Siri to tell Rigelian what to play.

Radio stations

Rigelian uses Shoutcast for an extensive list of radio stations across many different genres. And in case your favourite station is not listed, you can manually add it’s stream url.


Presets give you quick access to your favourite albums, stations, playlists and songs. Add them via a long-press or right-click.

Today widget

On iOS, a today widget shows what’s currently playing and lets you play, pause and skip tracks, as well as adjusting the volume. Plus it shows 6-8 of your presets, so you can start those directly from the today screen.

Dark mode and dynamic type

Rigelian will adapt itself to the dark mode and font size settings of your device.


While Rigelian is a free download from the AppStore, to unleash its full power you will need to purchase a subscription. An annual subscription is priced at the cost of a good cup of coffee.
Every subscription comes with a free 2-month trial so you can decide for yourself if the full functionality of Rigelian is worth your money.

Rigelian is available now for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Subscribers get access to all functions on all devices through a single subscription. Unfortunately the in-app purchase mechanism in the AppStore currently doesn’t support family sharing.