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How about asking “Play the latest album by Billie Eilish on MPD“? As a subscriber to Rigelian now you can.

Rigelian integrates with Siri on iOS to accept your play requests. To send Siri commands to Rigelian, you have to include ‘on Rigelian’, ‘on MPD’ (on Em Pee Dee) or ‘on Kodi’ in your command.

The examples below are in English, but you can use the native language that you have configured for Siri. Note that when you primarily listen to music with English artist names and titles, recognition of those can be problematic when using a different Siri language.

You can tell Rigelian to play:

  • a song
  • an album
  • a genre
  • an artist
  • a playlist

It will then check if the music can be found in your library, and start playing it on the player that was last active.

Unfortunately you can’t give commands like Volume Up, Skip, Play or Pause because Siri always routes them to the media player on your iPhone or iPad. For those actions you’re still relying on the app.

Here are some examples of what you can ask:

“Play the latest album by Billie Eilish on MPD”

“Shuffle artist Radiohead on Rigelian” to shuffle all tracks from Radiohead.

“Use Kodi to play the album Local Honey by Brian Fallon

“Play jazz on Rigelian” to play all tracks from the jazz genre.

“Play the playlist Workout on MPD”

“Shuffle genre americana using Rigelian”

“Play Cover me Up on Kodi” to play the song Cover me Up from Jason Isbell.