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Version Timeline

  • Februari '24


    • A filename processor is added, that can extract metadata (song title, album, artist) from the filename and insert it into the id3tags.
    • It’s now possible to add and edit individual tracks.
  • April '23


    A minor update that add 4 additional templates for file renaming.

  • January '23


    • Support copy-paste for cover artwork.
    • Resizing and format selection (jpg, png, tiff) for cover artwork.
    • Select the browser to use for artwork search (Safari or Chrome).
    • Automatically cleanup empty folders in case music is moved to a new location.
    • Move deleted items to the trash instead of immediately deleting them.
    • Improved reliability when saving tracks.
    • Better progress reporting when saving tracks.
    • Option to manually set the modified date of the tracks in an album.
  • July '22


    • New smart editor to quickly make changes to track titles.
    • Add possibility to copy individual tags from one track to all tracks.
    • Small improvements and fixes.
  • June '22


    • Move or copy an album folder to a standard location
    • Delete files and empty folders
    • Show tracks and folders in the Finder
    • Improved handling of keyboard focus
    • Various bug fixes
  • May '22


    • (Batch) rename of files according standard rules
    • Listen to a track from within the app
    • German localization
    • Support removal of cover art
    • Various bug fixes
  • April '22


    • Easily browsing your music folder from within the app
    • Show all relevant details of music files: size, format, duration
    • Edit 20+ id3 tags in mp3, aac/m4a, tiff, flac and wav files
    • Apply shared info to all tracks on an album
    • Load cover art images from disk
    • Drag and drop cover art images directly from Safari
    • Support for multiple images per file
    • Support for jpg, png, gif, tiff and bmp images
    • Visual feedback on changed elements
    • Easy undo of changed data