Start using SF Symbols

In iOS 13 Apple introduced a set of around 1.500 symbols (icon images) which are easy to use in an app. This makes live, at least on iOS 13, easier so I started migrating to these symbols where possible. To keep it backwards compatible, I’m extending UIImage for every image that I migrate:

 extension UIImage {
     static var play: UIImage {
         if #available(iOS 13.0, *) {
             return UIImage(systemName: "play.fill")!
         } else {
             return UIImage(named: "Play-Small")!

Rigelian users on iOS 13 will notice new, better looking, images appearing over time.

v1.7 almost ready

All changes needed for v1.7 are ready. What is remaining is final testing, and then it will be released. The today widget is now also supporting dark mode, and a problem where it sometimes wouldn’t load is also fixed.

XCode 11 & iOS 13

The migration to XCode 11 in combination with iOS 13 leads to various layout problems, the current priority is to get those fixed. Once all screens look good again, the next step is to automatically follow the system-wide dark mode setting.