OpenHome support will bring Qobuz to Rigelian

Some great news to share: Rigelian will be entering the streaming arena! Today development of OpenHome support is well underway, which will allow 3 new possibilities:

  1. Controlling an OpenHome renderer. Some players are OpenHome renderers by themself, like those from Linn. More importantly, any UPnP player can be turned into an OpenHome renderer via BubbleUPnP.
    And if you have a Qobuz account, you will be able to use that through BubbleUPnP directly in Rigelian. Tidal will not be supported.
  2. Specifically for mpd installations there is the possibility to install the upmpdcli extension, which also turns your player into an OpenHome renderer with Qobuz support, integrated into mpd. This setup will also be supported by Rigelian.
  3. Browsing and playing music from local UPnP sources on OpenHome renderers.

This means that Rigelian can be your one-stop-shop for both your local library as well as the vast online catalog that Qobuz offers.

It also opens the door to options to discover new music: find similar artists based on artists in your library, find other albums from artists in your library, etcetera. These functions are already available in Rigelian for your local library, and will be extended to make use of Qobuz as well.

A lot of ground work development was done in the last 6 weeks, and today was the first time that Qobuz search and playback was integrated to play the first tunes through my own system! There are no technical roadblocks anymore, and the goal is to release a 3.0 version within 2-4 months.